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Composite bonding – what is it?


Composite Bonding is fast growing Cosmetic Dental treatment which is the process of applying a material called dental composite to the teeth to make them look better.  

Treating patients who just want to fix a chip or gap, to others who want a full smile makeover. It is our aim to make every patient beam with confidence and change their life for the better.


- Slightly crooked Teeth

- Discoloured tooth

- Cracked or chipped

- Overall appearance

- Post Brace treatment


Composite bonding is brilliant to use with along with treatments. An amazing example is after brace treatment, to even out the shape or length of a tooth to create that desired smile.


**If you are interested in Fast Braces we offer Invisalign and Six Month Smiles**


Advantages & disadvantages of teeth bonding


Composite bonding is a great quick fix for many patients for a number of reasons.  



Quick appointmentPatients only need to visit the dentist once to have the treatment completed, there may need to be follow up appointments for reviews and polishing

No Lab WaitingThis is unlike porcelain veneers that take a number of appointments and can take up to three weeks to complete  


No Tempory’sUnlike when you have Veneers; there is no need to have tempories while you wait to have the veneers fitted


No Damage  Composite bonding does not damage the underlying tooth.  The composite material is sculpted onto the teeth and there is no need normally to drill or file your existing teeth


Many patients do not understand the risks of having teeth filled prior to getting porcelain veneers fitted.  The process will always increase the risk of your healthy tooth to become damaged or die off.  This could lead to you needing a root canal or eventually implant treatment.



Is resin bonding right for you?


Composite bonding is all about selecting the right patient for the procedure.  Not everyone is suitable and your dentist will need to assess your mouth fully to determine whether you are right for composite bonding.


Composite bonding price and costs


Composite bonding is much less expensive than porcelain veneers. This is one of the reasons it’s such a popular procedure here.  Dental composite bonding of a single tooth starts from £150 per tooth. This is compared to porcelain veneers that can cost from £550 per tooth.


Dental composite bonding is a great affordable treatment. We do advise if you are seeking the wow factor to whiten your teeth prior to composite bonding.  This is where the teeth are whitened to the correct brightness and then composite bonding perfects the edges making them look really beautiful.  


At Keats House we do offer finance options if treatment cost is over £550.00 see finance section for more information.


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